cougars and silver balloons (gigglez182) wrote,
cougars and silver balloons

massive bottles of vodka.

Tomorrow is new years eve.
I am having lots of fun here in San Diego, but I feel more and more alone. My life in Paris has made me this completely different person than the person I was when I left and it is becoming clearer that San Diego could never be my home again, which is so sad considering how many people i know and love here.

im actually getting along with my parents for the most part this trip. my dad is still crazy arab chief man and my mom is still crazy jewish guilt lady, but the biggest change i see is in my brother. he is not really liking me being home and usurping his place as my parent's "only" child. he's told me to go home many times and has been an overall hmar. but now he's better.

i have LOVED seeing my friends. last night was a blast with everyone and i cannot wait to do it up again. As for new years resolutions, i think mine is just going to be continuing my search for clarity.

So now that's Saddam's dead, on Aid no less, and hanged like a camel thief, (can you say hung or is that a completely different connotation?)the world is going to be out getting fucked up and forgetting about this tragedy. please don't forget just how domineering and stealthy this administration is. Considering i lived in Kuwait when Saddam came a knockin' the first time around, im no big fan of his. however, when colonialism puts three COMPLETELY DIFFERENT OTTOMAN PROVINCES together to form a nation-state, you're begging for trouble. iron-clad dictatorships are the proven way for stability, and we've been more than forthcoming in our aid to those who support us. there are too many examples to list.

im reading 100 ways america is screwing up the rest of the world. with a foreword by howard zinn (whom i heart) read it. it is good. as is clash of barbarisms. however, i'd recommend any book published by palgrave-excellent publishers. ok that's enough. expect another update soon before i depart the states.
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