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where the citizens like to sit

so life has been frustrating.
last week i spent time with my great aunt in Orange, about an hour away from Marseille in the south of france. she showed me great old pictures from when my dad and her were young in Algeria. she's a complete basket case but she's very interesting and is one of the only people who i connect with from that generation on either side of my family. we went to Marseille for the day too, which was alot of fun. i came back last sunday, realising that my internship was stalled because of the stupid social security number business. so now i either have a choice of waiting until next month, or attempting to get the french bureaucracy to work for me-which is about next to impossible (knock on wood.

I finally got my grades from last semester, not thrilled but not upset,which is nice. Ali is doing ok, im just not sure aboutwhere i stand in relationships. Maybe I am just relationshipedout? I just enjoy myalone time so much, i wonder if im even built for being in a committed relationship. People here aren't too big on the open relationship concept. Oh well, only time will tell.

So now I am either going to go to the south for another week or so, or sit in paris. Decisions Decisions.
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