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we are all accidents waiting to happen.

she's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake.

cougars and silver balloons
29 September
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Im living in two places: Paris, France and San Diego, California.
I am beginning my graduate studies at the American University of Paris in International Affairs. I did undergrad at UCSD with a double major in linguistics and history. social science is my thing. im sarah, 22, jewrab. enough with the details, check my journal if you want to, if not, peace.

this is my personal space for voicing my thoughts, feelings, and tirades about the happenings of myself and those around me. i also ramble on about the countries i've lived in and the ones i intend to visit and the ones i am currently visiting. this rambling usually takes place either in french or english and if you're lucky, arabic too. this is a public journal and i don't sugarcoat my thoughts for anyone so if what i say offends you, see the first ammendment.

Linguistics note:
French and arabic are used occasionally-and by occasionally i mean all the time :)