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pretty good year

as i sit here procrastinating on a paper on the regional geopolitics of oil in decolonizing Western Sahara (shout out to my homies, the Polisario, for being the dopest armed refugee community evar!) i look back on this year.

I still live in Paris.
Elevators can give out with you in them. Remember that.
I've learned alot about people.
I didnt travel as much as i wish
I fell in like with 2 boys, left both of them
Made really good friends
Had some good laughs
Sushi is still the love of my life
Climbed hella stairs
Got a job
Rememebered what it was like to be overworked 24/7
Finally got mental help
Lost 50 pounds
Improved my relationship with my dad

2006 was a pretty good year.
2007 will be even better.

Much Love

San Diego countdown: 5 days
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