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The Void

Whenever a period, an experience, ends, there is a perceptible void. Sometimes that void is slow in coming, you dont realise how wierd it feels to be alone so much. Other times its sudden, in a here today gone tomorrow sort of sense. However it comes, once the void has entered your life, things become static. everyone deals with the festering of ones social life differently. Me? I smoke lots of weed and pretend everything is ok, le sigh.

School is going well. I am having alot of intellectual growth. Hanging out with Jake and Sophien is helping me out alot, and I have decided that I am going to do a phD and that I am going to try to get into Sciences Po next year.

I am taking a class on the middle east and the professor is fascinating. We have to submit our paper ideas next tuesday and I am thinking of writing something on Political Islam, Opec, or I have this really interesting idea: i AM thinking of writing about the GIA and oil money in Algeria i.e. how does a country with alot of oil revinue have such a terrorist problem where id examine the GIA possibly the AIS-the armed offshoot of the FIS. SALEEM: what do you think? this might possibly turn into my thesis paper at some point. Need Advice.

Aside from that, i've been reading alot for the middle east class and taking it easy. I am going to write more about my politics and ideas in the coming weeks, I know you are all jumping for joy. Peace.
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