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Last night was probably among the best of my life-especially since France beat Brazil 1-0 in regular game play. My friends and I hung out at the Moose, were lucky enough to get a table, watch the game screaming ALLLLEEEEZZZZ LES BLEEEUUUUSSSS and all the rest. Ryn even wore her wig after our victory!
After it was official that France would go on to play Portugal (and win!) we spilled out onto the streets of Paris in the Odeon neighborhood. We werent the only ones overcome with joy. What can only be described as a procession of cars honking and people waving anything bleu blanc rouge greeted our shouts and hollers. Next we went to the Pantheon, screamed more, hugged strangers, drank beers on the street, etc. Then it was off to Champ de Mars where everyone and their third world cousin was cheering, running into traffic, stopping cars, and pandemonium in general. Last night, in sum, was beautifulin every sense of the term.
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