cougars and silver balloons (gigglez182) wrote,
cougars and silver balloons

so many possibilities

dear weather gods,

pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssse make it go back to summer weather. I only have one pair of jeans that fit me and I'd like to wear all the skirts and dresses I bought. So please. enough with the shitty weather. Ok?

in other news, im still a sniffly mess.
had my africa final yesterday-everyone was cheating. reeeediculous, but hopefully i will pull another 17/20 and get an A+. Yay for Africa. My oral presentation in my international law class also went pretty well, we shall see how that final goes on the 15th. Between now and then I plan on seeing Jay and Max's frat brother's girlfriend from the states, getting a job, and boning up on my geneva conventions and protocols 1 and 2.

on an unrelated note, having a crush on another grad student is a severely bad idea. especially when he asks you to come visit him in Belgium...
what's a girl to do?

i haven't thought enough about the ramifications of visiting him, but t would be fun to go back to brussels, especially since tickets on the train are only 10 euros. Then I could go to the Dam for another 10 euros...iiiinteresting...

today i have an appt with the shrinky at 1345 then i am going to hang out with this Algerian hottie named Samir that I met yesterday. all the wind and my nose dripping makes for a snarky sarah. i suppose it is another day of wearing jeans. le sigh.
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