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senioritis and such

With the weather being all grey and unhappy-like, it should be of no surprise that I am now sick with the sniffles. Yesterday I woke up with a fever, and coughing. Today I am a bit better. Tomorrow I have my africa final, which pretty much means I should study my notes a bit tonite and hope I pull another 17/20 (silly french grading system). I also have my presentation on the apartheid wall for my international law class tomorrow. Then I am theoretically free until my final for said international law class on june 22.

Between now and then, I hope to accomplish the following things:
1. get a job
2. start going swimming
3. decide on moving to a new apt or not
4. decide about a PhD program
5. make more (french/francophone/maghreban) friends
6. possibly travel

Also, my friend Jay is coming in a week, so this excites me greatly. I plan to show him my paris, since the paris i know ranges from tacky and ghetto fabulous to snooty and designer. Really, this city is the best boyfriend ever! It goes with all my outfits ;) My uncle will also be in london on the 19th so I might go visit him too. We shall see.

This past weekend was the dating night. Hot arab boys as far as the eye could see. Some photographer would not get off my jock, but of course, he has not called me...surprise surprise.

I am off to study and get ready for tomorrow. Ciao!
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